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LASS-O logoLincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services' Appraiser Valuation Opinion Report (AVO®)

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LASS-O is an innovative AVO completed by an appraiser with the support and backup of an AVM included at no extra charge.

LASS-O is the fast, affordable appraisal alternative to a BPO at a similar price point and can be used for HELOCs, portfolio valuations and loan acquisition due diligence.

Prepared by a professional appraiser, our valuation opinion reports are more accurate than a traditional BPO. LASS-O reports are completed in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Financial institutions can decrease costs while seeing an increased reliability in their property valuations.

Delivered by the nationwide leader in valuation solutions

Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services, a national Appraisal Management (AMC) & Settlement Services Company founded in 1998, is a premier provider of a full suite of residential, commercial, and specialized appraisal, title, and closing services/products to the real estate industry.

Our clients include some of the nation's largest lending institutions, mortgage brokers, investment banks, law firms, mortgage insurance, and mortgage servicing companies who came to us based on our outstanding reputation for providing fast, accurate, high-quality real estate valuation, appraisal management, and settlement services nationwide.