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Client Frequently Asked Questions

What is LASS-O?

A real appraisal at the right price with credible results. LASS-O is a fast, affordable appraisal alternative to a BPO and other alternative valuations at a similar price point. It can be used for HELOCs, portfolio valuations and loan acquisition due diligence as well as non-GSE valuations, whenever an appraisal is needed.

LASS-O provides you with a Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services’ Appraiser Valuation Opinion Report (AVO®) bundled with an AVM at no additional charge.

The LASS-O product enables an appraiser to provide a USPAP-compliant Appraiser Opinion of Value report for you in a timely manner at a competitive price-point. Financial institutions can decrease costs and reduce risk while seeing an increased reliability in their property valuations.

Why LASS-O rather than a BPO?

Because it's a Restricted Appraisal Report, in a format designed to be USPAP compliant, LASS-O reduces the risk of non-compliance with bank regulators and state regulations which restrict the use of BPO's and alternative valuation products.

An Appraiser-Driven report, LASS-O was created by Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services to meet a need in the market for an appraiser's opinion of value at a competitive price-point. Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services is a company of proven real estate professionals who have years of appraisal experience and an established history of providing valuation products which consistently meet or exceed our client's requirements.

How is LASS-O different?

Your LASS-O report request will be instantly auto-assigned to a local appraiser with the geographic competency to provide an appraisal with credible results. Our interactive website allows you to easily track the progress of your LASS-O orders.

An appraiser will perform an exterior-only or an interior inspection of the subject property. Every LASS-O report will contain the appraiser's photos of the subject front and the street view in both directions. The report will also include photos taken on site of any external influences the appraiser notes and an aerial view from a public data source which will support and verify what the appraiser's on-site observations revealed.

An automated review is performed on every LASS-O report before it is delivered to the client. This review is technical in nature and employs computerized accuracy to check every report for compliance, accuracy and consistency.

USPAP-required 'Geographic Competency' is streamlined in the LASS-O ordering process. Your LASS-O report will be automatically assigned to an appraiser within a pre-determined distance. The LASS-O ordering and tracking process allows for the fast turn-around times required in today's business environment.

Every LASS-O report includes an AVM at no additional charge. The AVM serves as an additional, independent tool for you. A LASS-O representative will work closely with you to determine how the LASS-O report and AVM bundle can help you to reduce your risks with a product that provides credible valuation results.

For more information, visit To order your LASS-O, please contact: George K. Demopulos, MRICS,RA,SRA,AI-RRS, President/Chief Valuations Officer of Lincoln Appraisal and Settlement Services at 401-831-3500 x150 or


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