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Appraiser Frequently Asked Questions

What is LASS-O?

LASS-O is a new kind of form report. It’s an Appraiser-driven USPAP compliant Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Service’s Appraiser Valuation Opinion Report. Developed with input from two nationally-certified USPAP instructors, LASS-O enables you to provide an opinion of value at a price-point competitive with a BPO and other alternative valuations.

LASS-O is a Restricted Appraisal Report performed in an efficient and timely manner at a competitive price-point. Your client will enjoy reduced risk and increased reliability because the value opinion they’re getting is from an appraiser.

LASS-O’s Scope of Work, Certifications and Limiting Conditions are USPAP compliant and they enable you to provide the opinion of value your clients need to make decisions on HELOCs, portfolio valuations, loan acquisition due diligence and other non-GSE valuations.

Why LASS-O rather than a 2055 or a 1004?

LASS-O was created to meet the market’s need for an appraiser’s opinion of value at a competitive price-point. Appraisers have been losing tens of thousands of orders a year to BPOs and AVMs. Clients need valuation reports. Appraisers can regain the dollars lost to BPOs and AVM providers by giving their clients what they need and want.

Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services is a company comprised of proven real estate professionals who have years of appraisal experience and an established history of providing valuation products which consistently meet or exceed the client’s requirements. We recognize that opinions of value provided by appraisers are superior to BPOs and AVMs. We also know that not every appraisal report has to follow GSE guidelines.

Because LASS-O is a Restricted Appraisal Report the client accepts what you will and won’t be doing as a part of your Scope of Work. The time to prepare a LASS-O report will be significantly less than the time spent preparing a conventional report.

The LASS-O form is already available in the two most popular appraisal software packages! This allows for efficient and streamlined report preparation and allows you to easily present a LASS-O report in accordance with USPAP.

How is LASS-O completed?

LASS-O is already part of your appraisal software!  The LASS-O is included in the Wintotal and ACI appraisal software packages. This allows you to prepare and complete the report in software you use every day.

The process is easy! The LASS-O order will be assigned to you; a local appraiser with the geographic competency to provide credible results. Upon acceptance of the order, you perform an appraisal in accordance with USPAP (and any specific requirements of your home state). No GSE, UCDP or UAD requirements are needed! A real appraisal!

An exterior-only or full inspection is made of the subject property and all appropriate interior, exterior and street view photos are taken. Photos of any external influences should also be taken.

  • You determine, in accordance with USPAP, if original comparable photos are needed to provide credible results.
  • You determine, if additional research at is required at any municipal offices to provide credible results.
  • You determine if you can provide credible results from your office using MLS photos and on-line research and data sources.

Once completed and run through your software rules check, simply upload the LASS-O to our website as you would with any order! Depending on the client needs, an AVM is delivered to the client with the LASS-O (a disclaimer is embedded in each report that neither the appraiser nor Lincoln Appraisal is responsible for the AVM results and is included only at client’s specific request for additional information about the subject property and market data). For more information, please email our offices at

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